Sunburst mirror sale! WOOHOO

If any of you are as sunburst mirror crazed as I am then today is your day! Kohls is having a “Everything’s on Sale” Sale! This includes clearance items which also INCLUDES a few fun sunburst mirrors!

Also today everyone gets $10 Kohls Cash for every $50 spent, and shipping is automatically free on your $75+ order. (Don’t forget that you can do no-hassle returns to your local Kohls store of anything you buy online.)

If you have a Kohls charge card, you can use code HEART30 for an extra 30% off your purchase, and code SWEETSHIP will give you free shipping on any purchase. No Kohls card? No problem—you can still use code SMS2019 for an extra 20% off your purchase.

Check it out for yourself! I know I am headed there right now!

Not in the mood to buy? Here are a few of my favorite DIY Sunburst Mirrors:

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an easy peasy chalkboard re-do

Whew, so here is the second half of “easy project Friday” that I started last weekend, it was supposed to be a quickie along with this guy but I ran into a few roadblocks along the way (as you will clearly see below).

I have been itching to use my chalkboard paint for some time now, I almost started spraying the walls with it, but I contained my inner child and waited for “the right time”.

So I found this guy laying around:

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a corkboard re-do… the easiest project you’ll ever do!

Happy Superbowl Sunday All!!

I went to the grocery store last night and stood in line with loads of chips, dips and a cake.  The woman behind me taps me on the shoulder and says “I see you’re last minute shopping for the big game too?!”

To which I replied “Huh? Oh… The superbowl? yeah no, this is actually for tonight.” Continue reading

the gift card that can

I know this seems simple but I promise you people go nuts over it! My mother in law (to be) thought it was the neatest thing.. After trying to figure out how on earth it worked.

You should try it.

Still not convinced? Well, kid’s go nuts over it too!! and it’s guaranteed to keep them quiet in awe for at least 30 seconds. (Is “kids” politically correct? Should I be saying children or something?)

Anyhoo, It’s a little too late for me to be posting a project, but it’s small and easy… and also I have insomnia, so there’s that :) Continue reading

if I can do a desk redo, so can you!

That’s a promise :)

Hi everyone, I hope your week is going well! I have been a crazy person lately trying to balance my lovely 9-5 and all 13 of my half started projects sitting around the house! I’m sure none of you have that issue ;-) Any advice on how to keep from falling asleep at my desk manage all my half projects and not go insane?

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diy giftcard snow globe